My DIY Spoke Guards

I’ve been asked a lot recently about my spoke guards on my wheelchair. Honestly I’ve had more compliments in the past month than I’ve had in the year since I painted them. So I’d thought I would share my simple way of creating planets with spray paint. (This method can work on anything you can spray paint)  I decided to write it as if I was telling myself how to do it again...


What you will need:

Surface you want painted


Black spray paint

Different coloured spray paint (as many as you want)


Magazine paper

Paintbrush or toothbrush or stick

Pots of different sizes

Ideally a face mask


Step one

Please do this outside!! And if you don’t want spray paint messing up your patio, use newspaper under your surface.

Then take your primer and spray your surface, this should turn your base white. (My spoke guards were zebra stripes from a previous DIY project)


Step two

Choose where you want your planets. Spray in rough circles your coloured paint. (don't worry about the edges they will be fixed later) If you want two-tone planets, just spray one colour on top of the next and dab it with the magazine paper to create the two toned spacey effect. And if you’re unhappy with how it’s turned out, wait for it to dry and cover it in primer again.


Step three

When you’ve decided you have enough planets, cover each of them in pots. (I used yoghurts, a Pringles lid, spray paint lids etc) Different sizes work best if you want different sized planets, or use the same ones if you want the same sizes. When they are all covered, spray everything with the black spray paint.


Step four

Let that dry and then if you want ‘stars’ use your primer (or white spray paint) spray some on the end of a paintbrush (or stick) and flick the paint at the surface. Just remember if you want them behind the planets don’t remove the pots, if you want them in front take them off.


Step five

Remove the pots and enjoy your amazing artwork!!


This is just what I did to get my wheelchair looking more personal. I’d love to know what you guys do with your mobility equipment? Or even just your latest DIY projects! It’s so fun to see what everyone is up to.  



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