New year, new me? Probably not…

Whilst snuggled up on the sofa on new years day, rather tired, asking myself where did the past year go? I can’t help but look ahead at things I would like to achieve in 2018.  So I thought I would share a small blog with five of my ‘mummy hopes’ with you.


1. Blog once a month


This blog is a new venture of mine but I want to stick at it for a year and see where it ends up. I would love to have near 100 followers on Facebook by the time 2018 is over. (But this is one I would be amazed if it came true)


2. Put an end to the sofa pile

An embarrassing one. We have a large three-seater sofa and only two and a half humans. So the end of the sofa has become our dumping ground, for coats, clothes, toys and papers.  It’s got to go! (I type this sat next to the pile with plans of doing it tomorrow)


3.Find an activity each day

My daughter isn’t 18 months old yet, but now she is down to a single nap she needs to be worn out or none of us sleep at night. My hope is to have at least one activity a day for her to enjoy and focus her energy on. (Today no task was organised, hmm, not the best start)


4. Organise a christening

This was on last year’s goal, oops! But better late then never, eh?


5.Have faith in my parenting

I haven’t been in charge of a small human for very long at all and I’ve made good decisions and bad decisions. But parenting isn’t reading a book and knowing everything there is to know. It’s like any aspect of life, trial and error. Right now I have a very happy and healthy little lady (who loves to dance) so I must be doing something right?


I don’t like the term goal; it puts a lot of pressure on me, which I don’t need. I much prefer the term hope. And like every New Year since I can remember some hopes will happen, others will not.  And that’s okay. We make the world work for us. So will I be reading this in a year’s time a new me? Probably not, but as long as the year brings joy I can say it was a good one.

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